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Did you catch the G/G show I did with CosmicNeko last night?? What were some of the standout moments of the show for you?


For those of you that missed the show last night... it was wild! We planned a whole bunch of sexy games: vibrator torture, naked blackjack, strapon play, life sized jenga tower, double masturbation cum show... and we did absolutely none of it. Okay, not none. We did play token keno, makeout, flash our pussies, flash our titties, give twerk lessions, sat on viewers faces, clamped Neko's nipples, crawled around like slutty cat/bunny girls on leashes and spanked/flogged each others asses/pussies. However, the real show started after Neko's second beverage when we took a break to sit down and eat some boneless airfryer wings (shoutout to the lover who graced me with the airfryer as a bday present a couple years ago!). Neko's biggest pet peeve is lazy unthoughtful people with no ambition to improve their situation, socio-economic status, or the world around them. In her view, by a certian point in life, she feels people should have attained a certian level of material responsibility and achievement. I retorted that just because someone hasn't reached a certian level of financial success or material wealth, it doesn't necessarily mean that they are lazy. A fan agreeing with Neko said I was simply making excuses for people and that "lazy is lazy." I noted that making assumptions or generalizations about people without trying to understand how or why they got there is intellectually lazy. Neko begged to differ.


This started a conversation about the role of generational wealth, stereotyping people based on their level of income, projecting our personal experiences onto others, making broad generalizations about groups of people based on statistically insignificant sample sizes, correlation versus causation, hustle culture, poor shaming, self-awareness, the ethics of choosing non-life during a zombie apocalpse, ableism, and the reality of the human condition. Some of the questions that came up were:

* Is material wealth or financial success an accurate indicator of a persons intellectual ability or societal value?

* If one person has done something, is it fair for them to assume that everyone can do it?

* While we are all capable of "doing more" and "working harder," how much is enough?

* What qualifies as "enough"? When do our lives get to be about something other than work?

* Is financial success or material wealth always the result of hard work or intelligence?

* If everyone worked really hard, is it actually mathematically possible for everyone to be rich?

* How do we quantify intelligence?

My favorite part of the show was when someone said they have never seen people with such opposing viewpoints have such a passionate, thoughtful, respectful, and productive conversation.


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