April 10, 2017

2. Can a sex worker be a feminist? Do I still have to buy her a drink?

2. Can a sex worker be a feminist? Do I still have to buy her a drink?

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**This podcast was originally titled KW1S, or The Kinky Wild1 Show. My Patreon fans suggested renaming it The Virah Payam Show to make my branding more cohesive. The name officially changes around episode 10**

Hooray! I fixed the audio on the VLOG recordings! I’m not very tech savvy, so I was pretty pumped on that =)

This was a really important episode for me personally. Obviously because I am a female, but also because of my complicated history with women. While I love, admire and am attracted to women, I also struggle with living in a society that encourages women to mistrust, tear down and compete with one another. So for International Women’s Day, I decided that my contribution would be to shine a light on the misunderstood topic that is feminism and on my own tangled relationship with women and patriarchy.In this episode I start with a brief history of feminism, where it started and how it has been co-opted away from it’s roots as a struggle against oppression. Of course I will answer some basic questions like:

  • What is feminism?
  • Is it possible to be a sex worker and a feminist?
  • Can females be sexist?
  • Who should really pay for a date?

Most importantly though, I hope this episode encourages you to reflect on your own relationship with women. How does your sexuality affect your relationship with women? How do your views on gender affect the ways you interact with, view, speak to or treat women? 

*Not all sex workers are women, and I’m not trying to erase male sex workers voices, but obviously, this episode is about women and feminism


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