January 6, 2019

18. Hope

18. Hope

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My Yeti microphone just bit the dust, so the audio might sound a little different from previous episodes. Kindly, bear with me until I can afford a new mic set up.

The gym videos have been encouraging me to start making more raw and unscripted episodes. Rather than just sit and stare into the camera, it felt more natural to talk while I was actively working on something. This episode was recorded right before I left on holiday, so you can hear me stamping and gluing all of your holiday cards in the background. I’ve been wanting to do an episode on this topic for a while, but was having trouble working up the courage to put it out there. Even for the most positive people, hope can sometimes be hard to come by. What brings one person hope, may not work for another. Some days we are filled with love and inspiration, and other times we’re hard pressed to find anything besides doubt and despair. So this episode is about all the things that bring me hope and keep me striving, even when it’s dark and I can’t quite see where I’m going.


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