April 22, 2017

4. Why would an honor student chose to be a sex worker?

This episode kinda touches on why I prefer to talk about philosophy, rather than politics. The purpose of law and politics should be to support a more humane and civilized society. Laws and rules are simply tools. They can be used to create a better society, or to destroy it. Philosophy is more important because it tells us exactly how someone will use those tools. What are the principles that guide a persons decision making? Understanding this is more telling of a person and their future actions than any campaign speech or promise.

Another thing that’s important to note, is that exploitation is a lot like being embarrassed. It’s different for different people. While some might consider certain type of work exploitative, others might not have a problem with it. I saw an interview with a cam girl talking about why she doesn’t do overtly sexual shows on Chaturbate (when she could obviously be making so much more money). Her response was “Some girls don’t want to have a dildo up their vagina for 4-6 hours a day.” Of course my internal response was, “And well… some do.” Hahahaha!

Ultimately, this episode is about the ability to make that choice. We all have to work to make a living, but (for me personally) how I make my living matters just as much, if not more, than how much I make. Quality of life, control over my time, image, messaging and creating quality content that I enjoy are all so much more important to me than being king of the mountain. I’d rather suck dick for nickles, than kiss ass for quarters. At least then I get to choose what goes in (and out) of my mouth.


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